G2: New Platform Helps Labs Comply with Patient Access Requirements

Psyche Systems Corporation (Milford, MA), a laboratory information software company, and Luminate Health (San Francisco, CA), a provider of web-based services, have entered into a “strategic alliance” to provide a “first-of-its-kind platform that helps labs comply with new federal HHS legislation regarding patient access to lab results.” Luminate contributes its HIPAA-compliant digital platform that connects labs, physicians and patients while Psyche shares its WindoPath and e.lixa “suite of solutions” that help labs give patients access to test results.

“The integration between Psyche and Luminate not only provides laboratories with the ability to meet the HHS requirements, but gives them the ability to do so while working with a seamless, simple and quick to implement solution,” said Lisa-Jean Clifford, Psyche Systems CEO, in a press release announcing the collaboration.

Luminate, founded in 2012, facilitates patients’ digital access to lab reports and touts its “easy-to-read format” helping patients understand their lab results and manage their healthcare services. Psyche has been providing laboratory information software since 1976 to hospitals, clinics and reference laboratories. “As healthcare becomes increasingly patient-centric, there is a clear need for services that better enable patients to participate in managing their own health,” said Luminate’s COO and Co-founder Shally Madan, in the press release. “Laboratories play a powerful role in a patient’s care and with the proliferation of IT-based solutions in healthcare, labs utilizing these types of services will be in a position to provide significant benefit to patients.”