page-title-asterisk Direct-to-Consumer Testing Services

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Testing Solutions for Your Lab

Empower your patients to order their own testing through an end-to-end consumer experience that enables them to browse your suite of testing, check out securely, and get results they can understand.


It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Luminate’s DTC platform simplifies the process of setting up a consumer testing program:


A Branded Experience

Allow patients to browse your test offerings, add-to-cart, and pay with ease online


Managing Your Program

Equip your phlebotomists with tools to manage patient orders at the point of blood draw

Manage your test catalog in real time and control how you expand your offering


Results Delivery and Access

Give patients access to their test results and integrate with our partner services to bring telehealth services and other resources to your patients

We Bring Our Experience to Your Program

Millions of patients across the U.S. use Luminate Health’s industry-leading patient engagement application to securely access, manage, and understand their lab results. We bring this expertise to your DTC program to give your patients easy, secure access to their self-directed test results.