Empowering Mothers with Access to Maternity Care Records through Public-Private Partnerships

Two years ago, President Biden signed Executive Order 14058 of December 16, 2021, on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government. This executive order put delivering for the American people at the forefront of this administration. Since then, our Customer Experience (CX) teams have made significant strides putting CX in action, and, today, we are celebrating the two-year EO anniversary with additional updates on progress achieved.

For many mothers, giving birth is one of the most significant medical events of their lives. Yet too many mothers have a negative birth experience – or even a traumatic one – and enter the postpartum period confused about the details of their care and without fully understanding the decisions that were made during labor and delivery. Further, 20 percent of women surveyed reported experiences of mistreatment during pregnancy and delivery care.