An Exceptional Patient Experience for Your Lab

Millions of patients use Luminate Health to access, manage, and understand their lab results. We work with commercial and hospital labs across the country to engage their patients and grow their businesses.

Patient Engagement Drives Value for Labs

We unlock the value of lab data and drive patient engagement that differentiates your lab’s services. Engaged patients see improved compliance rates and better outcomes. Our omni-channel communication reaches patients where they are in their healthcare journey, enabling you to provide additional healthcare services. Through our digital patient experience, we remove the burden of results delivery, reduce customer support, and help you comply with regulations requiring labs to provide patients with electronic access to results.

The Leading Patient Engagement Platform for Labs

With Luminate Health, your patients have the ability to access and understand their results, monitor health trends, and engage in ongoing wellness programs. We are leaders in patient engagement and have deep experience working across clinical, anatomic pathology, specialty, and hospital labs across the country. We’ve processed billions of lab tests for millions of patients; we operate across all 50 states; and our labs operate across over 70,000 points of care.

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Transforming Labs Into Leaders in Consumer-Driven Healthcare

Driving improved outcomes in healthcare starts with the patient. We’re focused on delivering an exceptional end-to-end patient experience, allowing you to create a relationship with your patients and engage with them through their testing journey, from sign-up to results delivery, and all the way through to driving your patients back to you for their testing needs.

Why Patient Engagement in Lab Matters

Lab data accounts for up to 70% of medical decisions and 80% of the patient medical record. It is a critical component of diagnosing and managing disease. But patients struggle to make sense of this data. When patients understand their lab results, they take an active role in managing their health. Engaged patients are healthier patients who improve their care compliance and see better health outcomes.

Patient Engagement Has Become a Priority and a Requirement for Labs


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The lab of tomorrow does much more than perform lab tests. It puts its patients at the center and serves as a vital hub of health information for every other part of the healthcare ecosystem. We provide best-in-class, value-added services to your patients and providers to position your lab for the future. We also enable you to comply with the ONC Cures Act and other federal regulations, which make electronic patient access to results a requirement for labs.


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20% users are 65+

Federal regulations under the ONC Cures Act, and Patients’ Access to Test Reports (CMS-2319-F) also make patient access a requirement for labs. We lead in bringing our lab partners into compliance with these requirements, while providing best-in-class, value-added services to their patients and providers to set them apart in the lab industry.

Take Your Lab Further

Giving patients a secure and trusted platform to access their results is the first step. You can take your lab even further with our ecosystem of services that include our provider engagement solution, direct-to-consumer services , and clinical and business analytics to drive better outcomes and gain operational intelligence.

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We know there isn’t a one-size fits all model for patient care. Your tests, services, and marketing can differentiate you from others in your space. We deliver a solution that fits your needs and pricing that fits your lab.