Psyche Systems Corporation Forms Strategic Alliance with Luminate Health

May 05, 2015, 10:25 ET from Psyche Systems Corporation

MILFORD, Mass., May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Psyche Systems Corporation and Luminate Health have recently formed a strategic alliance which offers a first-of-its-kind platform that helps labs comply with new federal HHS legislation regarding patient access to lab results, transforms the way patients engage with these results, and improves provider workflow.

Luminate Health provides a HIPAA-compliant digital platform that gives labs an easy way for patients to access, manage, and understand their lab results, and uniquely connects labs, physicians, and patients with its service. Labs using Luminate Health’s service not only help patients make sense of their lab results, but also help physicians improve their relationships with patients and save time on communication. As a result, labs can improve their relationships with both physicians and patients. With digital access, easy-to-read reports, and personalized engagement, Luminate Health helps patients actively manage their health, while helping labs and healthcare providers improve patient care and differentiate their services. The company’s service is also helping labs comply with a major new federal rule from HHS that now requires labs to provide patients with direct access to their lab results.

Together, Psyche Systems and Luminate Health will give labs a single source for a broad array of laboratory solutions that meet the needs of today’s complex laboratory landscape. Psyche’s WindoPath and e.lixa suite of solutions combined with Luminate Health’s services allow labs to easily and cost-effectively comply with HHS-mandated patient access rules and offer providers a valuable solution for their practices and their patients.

Psyche’s laboratory information systems provide a unified platform and database while addressing the specific workflow, testing intricacies, tracking and complex reporting requirements that are unique to each specialty. Our approach to solution development ensures that labs get the process and output that is the most efficient, productive, and profitable to them while supporting their clients’ ability to provide the best possible patient care and outcomes.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Psyche, one of the leading lab technology providers in the industry, to offer their clients our services. As healthcare becomes increasingly patient-centric, there is a clear need for services that better enable patients to participate in managing their own health,” says Shally Madan, COO and Co-founder of Luminate Health. “Laboratories play a powerful role in a patient’s care, and with the proliferation of IT-based solutions in healthcare, labs utilizing these types of services will be in a position to provide significant benefit to patients.”

“The integration between Psyche and Luminate not only provides laboratories with the ability to meet the HHS requirements, but gives them the ability to do so while working with a seamless, simple and quick to implement solution. I am very happy to be working with the innovative team from Luminate – our relationship has been an extremely productive and positive one from the start. This sets the entire foundation for the customer experience and our first joint implementation was a refreshingly simple one from all points of view,” says Lisa-Jean Clifford, CEO of Psyche Systems. “Our entire team is looking forward to these integrated solutions providing such a user friendly way to tackle another mandate for our customers.”

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